Toast with Carditello

An ambitious project – born from the recent obtaining from the Ministry of Agricultural, Food, and Forestry Policies of a share of over 4,000 square meters of land in Carditello to be planted as a vineyard- strengthened by the partnership with Cantine Magliulo for the production of Asprinio and Vigne Chigi for Pallagrello, wine particularly appreciated by the Bourbons.

Give the box with limited edition labels and two fine wine bottles: Asprinio of Aversa Spumante D.O.C. and black Pallagrello of Pontelatone I.G.P. Lands of the Volturno. By purchasing our products, you are helping to support land development, historical vines enhancement, and the inclusion policies promoted by the Foundation.


Pallagrello nero

Chigi Vineyards – Pontelatone (CE)

Pallagrello Nero – I.G.P. Volturno’s Lands

Grapes Production Areas:  Pontelatone, province of Caserta, on the slopes of Mount Friento.

Agronomic characteristics of the land:  clay soil with a notable presence of carbonate exotics, with an altitude of 120 m s.l.m

Vine: 100% Pallagrello Nero

Breeding Form: Guyot

Plant density:  4000 stumps/ha

Grape yield per hectare:  60 quintals

Harvest: Manual harvest in 20 kg boxes

Harvest time: II – III October decade

Winemaking technique: The harvested grapes are immediately taken to the cellar where they are destemmed and sent for fermentation in steel vats where they macerate for 10-12 days. The refinement takes place in oak barrels and partly in steel for 12 months. In the bottle, before being put on the market, a further refinement of 6 months takes place.

Organoleptic profile: Clear ruby red wine. On the nose, it is possible to perceive hints of cherry, ripe citrus, spicy, and licorice notes. An authoritative structure stands out in the mouth, with a pleasant and delicate spicy finish

Combinations: Structured first courses, red meats, game birds, semi-mature cheeses, cold cuts

Bottle format: 750 ml

Service temperature: 18 – 20 °C


Magliulo Cellars – Aversa

Asprinio – Spumante D.O.C.

Grapes Production Areas: Agro Aversano province of Caserta.

Agronomic characteristics of the land: clay

Vine: 100% Asprinio

Breeding Form: Tree-lined Anversa, (vine married to poplar) where the vines rise to the sky for a height of 10 to 15 meters

Plant density: 53 stumps/ha (as per regulation)

Grape yield per hectare: 60/70 quintals

Harvest: Harvest called heroic, manual, in 20 kg boxes

Harvest time: end of September

Winemaking technique: The grapes are vinified with modern techniques at a controlled temperature. The second fermentation takes place in an autoclave, as a result of a second fermentation which naturally makes it Spumante.

Organoleptic profile: Deep straw yellow wine. On the nose, it is possible to perceive hints of citrus fruits, apricots, and notes of mint. A fine and elegant perlage, a marked acidity.

Combinations: All meals

Bottle format: 750 ml

Service temperature: 8-10 °C