Carditello walks

The network of the Carditello paths extends from Capua to San Tammaro

The relaunch of the Carditello Royal Site starts from slow and sustainable trips – to be covered by handbike, by bicycle and on foot – with the network of the Carditello Walkways and a new eco-tourism offer dedicated to lovers of nature and sport.

An innovative model of use for cultural heritage, completely oriented to the well-being of visitors, to the inclusivity and development of the territory, now reclaimed thanks to the action of the Foundation led by the president Luigi Nicolais, in synergy with Campania Region, SMA Campania, Municipalities of San Tammaro and Capua.

The project, already submitted to the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility, will be completed in summer with the inauguration of the other two paths mapped by the Italian Alpine Club and the Italian Sports Walking Federation.

The network of the Carditello paths extends from Capua to San Tammaro (Caserta) with a single common denominator: the Carditello Royal Palace as a point of arrival for those who choose zero impact travel, immersed in the nature of the Royal Estate of Ferdinand IV of Bourbon.



Among the curiosities to discover on the territory, a secular mulberry, an ancient church, the canetteria of the Bourbons, a buffalo breeding and the Porta S. Antonio – Bourbon building that housed one of the mills of the Regi Lagni and that, in the future, can survive partly with a virtual reconstruction – complete with information oasis, tourist services and educational workshops for children.

Numbers of the path


of forests and farmland

0 km

to be crossed in about 6 hours time

0 Itineraries

thematic pedestrian-cycle
The Mulberries Path (9 km, 1 hour and 40 minutes)
The Buffalo Path (12 km, 2 hours and 10 minutes)
The Carolino aqueduct path (7 km, 2 hours and 30 minutes)