The Carditello Royal palace launches crowdfunding campaign for mulberry plantation

n the occasion of World Earth Day – green event to promote environmental sustainability and the protection of our planet – will be online the campaign Thousand mulberry trees for Carditello on the platform with the aim of creating in the Bourbon Palace the avenue of mulberry trees and donate a tree to every child (#AChildAMulberryTree).

Available to donors, prizes and limited edition kits (experiences for children with ponies, sports outfits for walkers and cyclists).

Mulberry plantation will benefit the environment

The initiative contributes to the reduction of CO2 and consequently to the reduction of global warming caused by the greenhouse effect (the mulberry is one of those virtuous plants in which the storage of carbon, which is captured through photosynthesis and transformation into biomass, is greater than the total emission).

The Fondazione is committed in the enhancement of the Bourbon cultural site and in the new environmental monitoring campaign, in collaboration with Arpac and Campania Region, as part of the Charter of Carditello signed by the minister Sergio Costa.

The Charter provides for the establishment of the Environmental Observatory on the Land of Fires, in a territory long victims of waste spills by organized crime, now subject to attention and protection and sustainability projects. And not only that.